About Library

    The college library is the foundation of college education .it is the hub of college education ` around which all academic activities revolve. The Library aims at providing necessary information and making them available to all beneficiaries in the appropriate time.The Library supports the academic community in carrying out teaching learning and research activities to the extent within the financial constraints. Its role in education and shaping the intellectual capacities of students has been well acknowledged by renowned educationists’ worldwide. The History of college library dates backs to 1961 with the establishment of college itself. The central library is very rich in collection pertaining to different fields viz; medical, non- medical ,Arts, humanities, commerce .The total collection of the library along with the 09 departmental libraries is 58000 which comprises of text books, references, journals, CD`S as well. Disciplines
    1. General English 2. English Literature 3. Education 4. Political Science 5. Commerce 6. BBA 7. Sociology 8. Zoology 9. Botany 10. Chemistry 11. History 12. Persian 13. Travel Tourism 14. Kashmiri 15. Environmental Science 16. Economics 17. Computer Applications 18. Mathematics 19. Music 20. Physics 21. Statistics 22. Psychology 23. Arabic 24. Urdu 25. Biotechnology 26. Biochemistry 27. BCA 28. Geography 29. Hospitality and Catering 30. Home Science

      The books are organised according to the Dewey Decimal scheme of classification as:
      • 000 Generalities
      • 100 Philosophy & related Disciplines
      • 200 Religion
      • 300 Social Sciences
      • 400 Languages
      • 500 Pure Sciences
      • 600 Technology
      • 700 The Arts
      • 800 Literature
      • 900 General Geography & History
      • Library Services

        The library provides following services to its users:

        • Reference Service
        • Reprographic Service
        • Browsing service
        • Electronic Information Service
        • User Awareness Service
        • online public access catalogue service
        • webopac service also available at www.gcwnk.ac.in

        User Awareness programmes

        The fresher’s are oriented in the beginning of the Academic year towards reading habit rules and regulations, library resources, infrastructure facilities, time schedule, circulation of books, special facilities for the financially weak students and assistance rendered by the library staff.

        library events:
        world book day is celebrated every year at the beginning of session,wherby users of the library are made aware about the following
        • :sources of information available in library
        • :online public access catalogue usage
        • :

        The Centre also subscribes to the following bibliographic databases of books that are being used for authenticating bibliographic records in union catalogues. These databases are also available to visiting users:

        • ISSN Compact: The ISSN register on CD-ROM [1999, 2003]
        • NUCSAL: National Union Catalogue of Serials in Academic Libraries [2005]
        • BNB: British National Bibliography, Current file [1986-2001]
        • Recent Books [1999]
        • Serials [1999]
        • Authority file [1999]
        • CDMARC: Subject Headings [1996]
        • CDMARC: Names [1996]
        • CDMARC: Holdings [1996]


        The College subscribes to the following e-resources since 2013 . All electronic resources subscribed under N-LIST Programme are available from the publisher's Web site.National Library and Information servicesInfrastructure for scholarly content (N-LIST) the N-LIST project provides access to e-resources to students,faculty of college through server(s) installed at the INFLIBNET centre. Library users can acess the more than 3717 electronic journals,74318 electronic books and bibliographic databases The E-RESOURCES@ NLIST available are:
          E-Journals(full text)
        • American institute of physics
        • American physical Society
        • Annual Reviews
        • Cambridge University Press
        • Economic and political weekly
        • Indian Journals
        • Institute of Physics
        • JSTOR
        • Oxford University Press
        • Royal Society of Chemistry
        • H.W.Wilson
        • E-Books

        • Cambridge Books Online(1800 Titles)
        • E-brary(83000+Titles)
        • EBSCoHost-Net Library(936 Titles)
        • Hindustan Book Agency(65+Titles)
        • Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS)books(382+Titles)
        • Oxford Scholarship(1402+Titles)
        • Springer eBooks(2300Titles)
        • Sage Publications eBooks(1000Titles)
        • Taylor Francis eBooks(2300 Titles)
        • Myilibrary-McGraw Hill(1124 Titles)

          E-Journals Archival Library (Print Version)

          Besides receiving access to e-resources through N-LIST the project under the UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium,INFLIBNET Centre and INDEST-AICTE resources the Central Library also subscribes print journals JOURNALS
          1. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 2. Indian Journal of pure and Applied Physics 3. National Institute of Science Communication and information Resourses (CSIR) (Chemistry) 4. Indian Journal of Finance (Commerce) 5. Indian Journal of Management (Commerce) 6. Indian Journal of Marketing (Commerce) 7. International journal of resersch and evaluation for higher education (Music)